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Crystallising Honey

Crystallising Honey

Crystallised honey is regarded by many as inferior to clear or smooth set honey - indeed, tips on how to clarify crystallised honey by gently melting it are common.

But some people, like me, prefer it crystallised. So here's how to deliberately crystallise a jar of clear honey.

Making a cider press

Making A Cider Press

September 2013 - here's a project to make a cheap and simple press for apples (and maybe cheese), from readily available materials and components.

This is going to differ from some of my previous projects in several ways, but most notably - it needs to be quick (at the time of starting, the apples are already nearly ripe), and it's going to be properly designed - there will be no guesswork or cut-first-then-measure.

Beech Nuts

Beech Nuts

October 2009 - Beech nuts are in season - and this is one kind of nut I've never seen in the shops - so I went out to the woods gather some

Latest Lost Gloves

Found glove No. 577:

2010/12/05 - Black 'thinsulate' - Botley

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I hope you'll find a diverse and interesting range of content on this site - including woodworking, electronic, art and craft projects, found objects, recipes and other food-related stuff (particularly food that can be had for free), also graphics, animation, video and audio.

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It's A Bit Quiet In Here...

In Case you are wondering why there hasn't been a new Atomic Shrimp article in a month or two - it's because I'm really busy migrating the site to a new CMS. At the time of writing (22nd Feb 2014), it's about 70% done...

Cuttlebone casting

Pewter Casting With Cuttlebones

My daughter is working on an art project related to postal services and asked for my help with a bit of metal casting - this seemed like an ideal opportunity to do something I have heard of, but not yet tried - pewter casting into cuttlebone moulds (link goes to new site!).

Metal Cutlery Sculpture

Metal Cutlery Sculpture

December 2014 - this was a quick Sunday afternoon project to make a metal sculpture out of old tableware.

Trumpet Chanterelles

Trumpet Chanterelles

November 2014 - Out for a walk in the woods, to enjoy the autumn foliage, I very nearly overlooked an abundant crop of Trumpet Chanterelles.

Made With Hartt

Made With Hartt - Community Fusion

October 2014 - Gift shopping can be really tiresome and it often seems like every place is the same as the next, but every once in a while, I stumble across a little pocket of unique and inspiring difference.

Here's an example of that - a little shop in Portsmouth called Made With Hartt.

Atomic Shrimp FREE Charity Ads

FREE Charity Ads

Some of the ad space on this site is available to human welfare charities for free - If you have connections with a non-profit organisation that might be interested, please take a look.

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