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Next Year's Cheese

Next Year's Cheese

January 2014 - Cheese is expensive - especially matured cheese - and especially, it seems, in the time just before Christmas.

But it's nice to have good cheese at Christmas - so what's the solution? Simple. Buy it after Christmas and keep it for a whole year.

Chocolate and raisin jumbles

Mum's Chocolate And Raisin Jumbles

My mother used to make these cookies when I was a child - they're loaded with chocolate and raisins and they're crisp, yet soft and slightly chewy - called Chocolate And Raisin Jumbles - and they're altogether delicious..

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Gnettle Gnocchi - A Wild Food Recipe

Stinging nettles are normally a wild vegetable for the springtime and early summer, but you can sometimes find them out of season

That's what I did - and I used them to make nettle gnocchi

Latest Lost Gloves

Found glove No. 577:

2010/12/05 - Black 'thinsulate' - Botley

Welcome to Atomic Shrimp

I hope you'll find a diverse and interesting range of content on this site - including woodworking, electronic, art and craft projects, found objects, recipes and other food-related stuff (particularly food that can be had for free), also graphics, animation, video and audio.

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Cray-con - Bacon Coloured Crayon!

Cray-con - Bacon Coloured Crayon!

April 2014 - Colouring by numbers - Ho Hum. Colour this part red. Colour this part blue. Colour this part bacon. What?

We've all been there - right? - well, now there's a way to colour things in bacon without all that tedious hand-drawing of bacon rasher texture - introducing Cray-con - the bacon coloured crayon.

Moth And Lightbulb Automaton

Moth And Lightbulb Automaton

March 2014 - I love moths, but there are times of the year when they are seldom seen.

To make up for this shortfall, I decided I will make a fluttering moth automaton.

Bronze Effect Book

Bronze Effect Book

March 2014 - Another pocket notebook makeover - this time, I wanted to create the effect of a panel of cast, burnished bronze with an ornate organic design of vines and tendrils.

Steak And Kidney Pie

Steak And Kidney Pie - The Ultimate Pie!

February 2014 - I love pies, and the very best of pies (in my opinion) is a Steak and Kidney pie.

Here's how I make the perfect, rich, meaty filling for this, the King of Pies!

Blue Panelled Door Book - TARDIS Style

Blue Panelled Door Book - TARDIS Style

February 2014 - Spurred on by the success of a previous project to make a vintage-look notebook, I decided to try making a book with the appearance of a blue panelled door - TARDIS style.

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FREE Charity Ads

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