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Emergency Tuna Can Oil Lamp
About The Video

Using a can of tuna in oil (the cheaper the better - as there's less fish and more oil that way), you can make an emergency lamp that will burn for several hours.

If care and hygiene is observed while making it, there's no reason why the tuna can't be eaten afterwards too!

Move For Life has been set up to deliver positive strategies in order to combat anti-social behaviour in Britain's young people, above all, to fight knife and gun crime.

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Posted by LRSS46 on Jan 9 2012 at 02:17
That's right - If you use tuna packed in water, instead of an Emergency Light, you'll make an Emergency Dark.

Posted by Mike (For Atomic Shrimp) on Jan 28 2011 at 13:03
I'm guessing this works better with tuna packed in oil rather than tuna that is packed in water ... but that's just a guess! :)

Posted by barrelman on Jan 28 2011 at 11:31
This really a great survivalist hack, not to mention when there is a power outage

Posted by Phoghat on Nov 4 2010 at 22:02