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Lifebuilder works in India alongside the poorest Punjabi communities empowering them to improve their social and economic wellbeing.

This page will build into a catalogue of links to sites and pages of friends, like-minded people and otherwise interesting stuff - if you like Atomic Shrimp, you might like these too.

Variations On Normal

Variations On Normal

The sketchbook thoughts, ideas, and inventions of Dominic Wilcox. Cotton-wrapped grapes, bread vases, onion-ring fabric and shelves made from coloured pencils. We like this.

Unique Paired Gloves

Glove Love

Glove Love is an initiative where they take lonely single gloves that have lost their original partners, wash them and then pair them with brand new glove lovers.

Hunter Gathering


Brilliant and compelling, earthy blog featuring some serious wild food articles, plus bushcraft, cooking and outdoor life - even a bit of boat-building

Nature's Secret Larder

Nature's Secret Larder

The website of Kris Miners - Wild Food Instructor - Bushcraft & Survival Instructor - Wildlife Photographer and Writer. The site is a great resource for wild food tutorials and recipes, wildlife photography and links to Kris's bushcraft courses.


Pepperberry & Co

Tantalising tutorials, inspiring ideas, provocative photos, luscious links and titillating tales about craft, life and the world in general. Oooh! Crafty!

Wild Mushrooms Online

Wild Mushrooms Online

Whether you're experienced in wild mushroom foraging, or a complete newcomer - Wild Mushrooms Online has something for you - identification guides and general tips, mushroom recipes and foraging stories from the site's author and from visitors.



The blog of an Anglo-Italian couple who live in Le Marche, (central) Italy. Brimming over with great recipes and articles about life, living and eating in Italy.

Jeremy Taylor

Jeremy Taylor - Freelance Writer, Teacher Trainer, Fire Juggler

Jeremy has written 39 books and 126 short stories and still finds time to fire-juggle and cook delicious food. I've got my eye on that chestnut and parsnip soup...

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