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CD Spindle Case Propagator
So simple!

This is such an unbelievably simple idea, I can't quite believe it isn't already everywhere, but as far as I can tell, either not many people have thought of this before, or they were all too shy to speak up, or something (maybe it is everywhere and I just suck at using Google).

How To Make It

Really, all you have to do is:

Other Uses

As well as starting seeds for the garden, it has other uses - you could use it to grow things that need humidity, such as miniature ferns.

Or you could put one on your office windowsill and use it to grow mustard and cress to liven up your sandwiches.

Or like my kids, you could use it for a school project (see photo below left) - we made a miniature living model of a rain forest (mostly from weeds and moss we found in the garden)

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It really works!

a mini rainforest

The peas I planted in the demonstration video germinated in a couple of days - within a week, they had outgrown the propagator and they're now going out into the garden

The mini propagator has now been hijacked for a school project about rainforests...

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Where can I buy these? They would go great next to my collection of Hello Kitty fan art!! Rawr!

Posted by Suzy on Mar 8 2011 at 13:09
This is a great idea, simple and incorporates several fields of science in one. I'll be using this with my students, thank you!

Dr Robert Menendez
University of California, San Diego

Posted by Dr Robert Menendez on Mar 7 2011 at 14:01
Woooh, on Lifehacker! Get you!

Posted by Carol on Mar 7 2011 at 09:16