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The following charities are already included in the Atomic Shrimp free advertising scheme:

Are you caught in a vicious cycle? Rising Above is committed to breaking cycles of defeat through life skills, personal development, employment, spirituality and men's housing.
Fun, music and movement for little movers and shakers, with PRESMA's help you can give your child the best musical experience and introduction to learning.
Theodora Children's Trust brings music, magic and laughter to children in hospital through bedside visits from Giggle Doctors.
We make fragile families strong with volunteer support
SOS Children... giving children a family for life
Not For Sale: End Human Trafficking & Slavery
We dedicate ourselves through Christ, to feeding the hungry and offering an open hand to those in need
Joy Home For Children
Lifebuilder works in India alongside the poorest Punjabi communities empowering them to improve their social and economic wellbeing.
support rural development and educational projects in the most remote and deprived villages of Nepal
Donate, Fight Hunger, Save Lives
We provide a website where caring, talented people (Crafters), list their products to the public for donations with proceeds going to treatment centers of chemo-therapy patients
Changez is a non profit organisation established to help provide complementary therapies for those people most in need, experiencing mental and emotional trauma
Teach A Woman 2 Fish focus on helping women victims of domestic violence to develop the technical, analytical and personal competencies they will need in the workplace and in their own business.
The New York Cares Coat Drive is more important than ever in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. We are aiming to collect a record 200,000 coats this year so residents in hard-hit areas can be warm this winter
We give financial support to families with little or no income, to children with life-threatening medical conditions and towards their school tuition fees to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy
The holidays are approaching fast and its easy to forget that some families are less fortunate than others. Voodoo Prophet will be sponsoring a family in need for Christmas and we would like your help in doing so. The family sponsorship will be called 'A Very Voodoo Christmas'.
Crisis Centre Ministries, or 'CCM', is a Christian charity that helps the homeless and people affected by drug-addiction in Bristol, England
We offer free confidential impartial advice to disabled members of the public, their carers, friends and family - regardless of race, gender, or sexuality - about all aspects of disability including: Wheelchair & Scooter info, Blue Badge, Motability Scheme & Disability Benefits, Home Visits
Move For Life has been set up to deliver positive strategies in order to combat anti-social behaviour in Britain's young people, above all, to fight knife and gun crime.
Hampshire Riding Therapy Centre is a registered charity dedicated to the provision of riding tuition and therapy to adults and children with all kinds of disabilities and special needs.
The Children's Respite Trust is a registered charity that supports children with disabilities and their families by helping them to get a break.

I've decided to offer some ad space on this site to charities for free.

Which Charities

I'll be focusing on charities that concern themselves with tangible human welfare, so things like:

(That's not to say I won't consider other areas, or that I've thought of everything - so I'll be more than happy to discuss individual cases - just drop me a line via the contact page)

Faith-Based Charities

A neutral policy applies - charities predominantly focused on tangible human welfare are welcome, regardless of any (or no) affiliation or background. - It doesn't matter either way - only actions and outcomes do.

The Ads

The ads will appear immediately after the content in the side column on most pages. The specific ad shown on any given page will be randomly assigned from the list of participating charities, shuffled every now and again so that everyone gets fair exposure.

The adverts will consist of an image 220 pixels wide and about 80 pixels tall (with a little flexibility on the height to achieve best fit for logos etc), linked to a page on the advertising charity's website.

free charity ad size guide

That's a box this size - big enough to catch the eye and promote the cause; compact enough that I can drop it easily into any and every page.

The advertising charity can provide a suitable ad image, or (only with the advertiser's prior consent and final approval) I may be able to create a suitable ad image using graphics from their website.


If you work for, are connected with, or know of a suitable charity organisation that might benefit from participating in this scheme, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Why Am I Doing This?

Because I can. It costs me almost nothing to give away that little bit of space on the page - so why not?

Is it Really Free?

I will not charge for these ads - not now - not ever. For the (indefinite)duration of the scheme, the ads will remain free. This is not a loss leader, hook or other similar marketing subterfuge - I have no intention of ever charging for them.

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