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Contacting Me

If you have any suggestions for articles on this site, or if you want to comment on something you've seen here, I'd be delighted to hear from you.

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Who Are You?

My Name is Mike and I live in the south of England - about halfway between Southampton and Portsmouth. I'm married with two fine kids. My whole family is astonishingly patient with me.

What Is This Site About?

This website is really just about the things I do in my spare time. My interests include wild food, experimental cooking, assorted crafts, multimedia work and the deliberate, but benign and mild-mannered pursuit of the absurd.

Founded a short time after my 40th birthday, the site has been described by some as documentary of my mid-life crisis. Maybe that's not entirely untrue - looking back, it does mark a bit of a turning point, when I stopped just formulating lists of things I might find interesting to do, and started doing them.

My lists of future projects don't ever seem to get any shorter and most of the items on them are quite trivial, but it means I seldom experience boredom.

Why Is It Called 'Atomic Shrimp'?

Initially, I chose the name for an imaginary film production company - Atomic Shrimp Productions - for no other reason than I thought it would be nice to use two words that don't really belong together. When I saw that the corresponding web domain names were available, I snapped them up and Atomic Shrimp became reality.

Why Do I Keep Seeing That Checkered Tablecloth?

It just happens to be the tablecloth on the dining table here at Atomic Shrimp HQ, but I do like it.

It seems to have found its way into quite a lot of the photos on the site, just because the table is as good a place as any to photograph things.

Why Are There Adverts?

Atomic Shrimp Advertising Policy


This site is partly supported by the modest revenue I get from selling ad space (however, some of the ad space is offered for free to selected charities).

Separation Of Ads And Content

It is my intent to keep advertisements completely distinct from content - they should never appear above, in front of, or mixed in with Atomic Shrimp's own site content* and the ads on this site should never launch popup windows without being clicked.

(*One exception - you might see mixed content in the form of overlay or trailer ads in video content for some articles - unfortunately I just don't have absolute control over this.)

Content And Target Of Ads

I will always try to ensure that that they don't offend, or offer goods or services that are not appropriate for a family-friendly site.

If you see an inappropriate ad - either by virtue of its content, or its placement, please contact me to let me know about it - if you can identify the target of the ad (i.e. right-click it and copy the link), this will greatly help in investigating the matter.

Direct Sale Of Ad Space

In principle, I am happy to enter into arrangements with companies or individuals regarding placement of custom ads, subject to all of the conditions above and below. Please contact me by the normal channels if this is of interest to you or your company

What I Will Not Do (Don't Even Bother Asking)

  • I will not mix or conceal ad links within article content. I won't disguise ad links as personal endorsements or recommendations. (No price will make me change my mind on this).
  • I don't accept ads for target sites I consider incompatible with the content and ethos of this site. That includes online gambling/casino sites.
  • I will not participate in link exchanges for purely SEO-oriented schemes.
  • In general, I'll try to avoid doing anything that might represent a violation of Google's Webmaster Guidelines

Your Satisfaction

Overall, I want this to be a site that visitors find useful, interesting and fun, maybe enough to make them want to come back again in future.


I welcome and warmly invite your comments, suggestions and (hopefully constructive) criticism. Please feel free to post to the Guestbook, comment on individual articles, or contact me via the contact link in the menu.


It's now also possible for you to post comments on individual articles - just scroll down to the bottom of the page to the comments section and click 'Add'.

(Your posted comment might take a little while to appear - all comments posted on the site are subject to moderation and editorial alteration if appropriate - but don't let this put you off - in practice, I only delete spam and would probably only edit profanity. So if you want to say something negative or critical, you can.)

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"the deliberate, but benign and mild-mannered pursuit of the absurd" - you're my hero! I'd love to have the brains and leisure to do some of the things you do. And people who would understand and support me. How lucky you are! Trying to figure out how to follow your posts now...

Posted by Maria on Apr 20 2014 at 18:36
THAT was SO helpful!!!you are a very good communicator.thanks, I am nearly 70 years old so my first french knitting exploits were about 65 yrs ago, so I got all messed up trying to teach my 5 yr old Grand daughter, BUT now I know!!!Love this site.....and thanks for helping a new knotter!!!

Posted by June on Oct 1 2013 at 15:54
it's funny that i saw your video in a documentary called "The Light Bulb Conspiracy", and i got here searching "plastic home recycling"

Posted by Radu on Sep 22 2013 at 22:17
I am a potato. Oven bake me and smother me with cheddar cheese.

Posted by Juan on Sep 13 2013 at 11:39
Wonderful site, loads of fun just reading it let alone applying it. Can hardly wait to share your site with friends here in Cave Junction in the Southern part of Oregon, USA. Keep up the good work & Many Blessings, Rev. Stone of Mount Hope Sanctuary

Posted by Rev. Omar Stone on Jul 27 2013 at 00:37
I found your site yesterday and I bookmarked it immediately! I'm over here a little left of Europe, in San Antonio, Texas USA. I love the way your brain works and I loved your son's little shrimp dance (aren't sons fun?). I will be trying some of your crafts and recipes and constantly checking back for more. Keep it up, and thanks!

Posted by sperki77 on Jun 15 2013 at 20:01
As a plastic welder, I feel I should add that heating plastic does give off toxic fumes.
I use a forced-air (filtered) breathing helmet combined with an external exhaust.
I don't want to turn anyone off recycling plastic.
Some people only use an face-mask filter designed to filter out gases along with fans or they do everything outdoors (I'm just wary of trusting a filter alone, but evidently they do work). Search around and be careful.
Okay, back to having fun with recycling :-).

Posted by Climber777 on May 18 2012 at 06:34
Seriously, you are a star!
Your blog never fails to entertain and inform. Keep up the good work.

Posted by ForagersGuide on Feb 1 2012 at 15:22
I just wanted to say thank you ever so much for such a wonderfully artistic site you have created. I have gone through most of your crafting ideas and am so amazed at your talent. This is definitely a site I'm going to be putting on my favourites list. I will be checking back occasionally to see what new and smart ideas you've come up with. Thank you again for such great ideas and projects - they're all wonderful and your family should be very proud of your accomplishments. Take care :-)

Posted by Donna on Dec 2 2011 at 16:44
ive just started my no mates cake, hes named colin (its a long story) thanx for the recipe. i love ur site.power to ur elbow!!

Posted by jax fells on Nov 10 2011 at 14:16
I love the creative joy that shows up on your web site. And the moderation of growing just a modest amount of grain rather than going gungho on everything.

I too collect an oddity.The metal "Belly buttons" from worn out jeans. I have over a hundred all different. ( I make warm quilts with the rest of the materal.)

Posted by Mary O'Roark-Glenn on Jul 24 2011 at 07:44
This is brilliant ! I was saying to my Mum the other day how I wish we could get/find puffballs in London (you can also cook them with a black pepper and garlic).

I shall be trying your ideas - I love the embossed cans, the wild yeast and loads of the other recipes recipes. Glad to have another use for old magazines too - I make them into baskets. bowls and bathmats (pages rolled and woven together or sewn).

Never lose your urge to experiment!


Posted by Lucy Anderson Jones on May 19 2011 at 12:46
I'm very glad to have stumbled upon your site! Given me a few projects as an aspiring artist

Posted by Katherine on Mar 4 2011 at 03:17
Hello Mike, I'd like to say thank you for hosting your awesome website here. You are a master tinker and cook by the looks of your posts. Your work and play are truly inspirational! Please keep it up, you are bookmarked!

Posted by Brandon on Jan 25 2011 at 20:44
:) This is such a charming site. I'll be out back tinkering now.

Posted by Liv on Jan 23 2011 at 21:15
Very entertaining. You're a clever and creative fellow. Thanks for brightening my day!

Posted by Wayne on Jan 23 2011 at 06:05
This is my new favorite website! Someone who keeps busy by acting on whims? Wonderful and SO inspiring! :) Keep being curious and interesting! Happy wishes from San Diego, CA.

Posted by Cat on Nov 6 2010 at 20:11
I just discovered your site via Neatorama-awesome! I'm about to make some beer can boxes....

Posted by Michele on Nov 6 2010 at 14:42
i like your site.....calming......& reassuring.......reminds me of me......my midlife crises long past i believe.....what you do is me all the time.......your sane......& the stuff you do is fun & makes me smile......& when i saw the pewter horse & how very simple your casting technique was....& now i know which wax i can use........love cheese!
thank you

Posted by nazufani on Nov 5 2010 at 04:27
Great site! Love the variance and smart tutorials. Thanks and cheers from Alabama, USA!

Posted by Melissa on Nov 5 2010 at 01:23
still using your site - love the recipes

Posted by Tahu on Sep 5 2010 at 17:21
Stumbled on your site while looking for snail recipes. A real treasure trove of the useful, useless and totally bizarre. Keep up the good work.

Posted by slipperman2000 on Aug 5 2010 at 15:55
Good. I like your style.

Posted by Pat on Jun 1 2010 at 14:17