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If you're contacting me about the possibility of placing ads or links on Atomic Shrimp, please make sure you read my Ad Policy first.

READ THIS FIRST! - DON'T Contact Me If...

  • ... You want to sell me your SEO services. I don't want or need this. Thanks.

  • ... You want me to do something about ads or links on this site, and you haven't checked my Ad Policy.

  • ... You want me to buy gloves, plastic granules, metal cans, bulk acorns or anything else for which Google may have brought you here. Atomic Shrimp is not a business trading in any of these things. I don't require whatever it is you're selling.

  • ... You want me to help you with the 'modalities' of transferring $550,000,000 (FIVE HUNDREDS AND FIFTY MILLIONS US DOLLAR!!!) out of some Dead African guy's bank account, or something like that. - I know about this scam - don't waste your time and mine.

If you want to contact me, please do so via the business enquiries email address on the 'About' page of my YouTube channel - here

Or use the contact form below:

Published on Friday, January 9, 2015 by Mike